Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm so Bronx...

I saw the I'm so.... thread and at first couldn't think of anything. I think I get caught up in not being from the South Bronx or Castle Hill sometimes and even questioning my Bronx authenticity.

But screw that.

I'm all Bronx baby. 

I'm more Bronx in North Carolina than I ever was when I was in New York.

This is a snapshot of what I remembered.

I'm so Bronx I remember when the 28 bus was the 15 and blew out black smoke and had no air conditioning in the summer and no heat in the winter.

I'm so Bronx I used to buy my father's Pall Mall Golds...and I was 7.

I'm so Bronx I remember the Buster-Brown shoe store on Boston Road.

I'm so Bronx I remember when the hair beauticians wore uniforms and nursing shoes.

I'm so Bronx I remember skating at the Skate Key, that's now a Goodwill and an auto repair place.

I'm so Bronx I remember going to the Truman Highschool planetarium on school trips.

I'm so Bronx that going to shop at the Macys in New Rochelle instead of the one in Parkchester was a big deal.

I'm so Bronx I remember the garbage strike of '81 and the blackout of '77.

I'm so Bronx I remember when the Whitestone Movie Theater was a drive-through.

I'm so Bronx I remember when Bay Plaza was a swamp.

I'm so Bronx I got my 6th grade graduation dress from Alexander's on Grand Concourse and Fordham Road.

I'm so Bronx I remember the Melba Theater on Boston Road where I saw my First Movie Uptown Saturday Night.

I'm so Bronx I remember when the biggest bank in the city was Manufacturer's Hanover  or as we called it Manny Hanny (which is now Chase).

I'm so Bronx that going out for Chinese food was a big deal and we always ate in the restaurant.

I'm so Bronx I remember when Dewitt Clinton was all Male, and when they first started admitting girls.

I'm so Bronx I remember standing in line in the Magenta Houses waiting for summer snacks.

I'm so Bronx I remember when all the trains had graffiti on it, the more graffiti the more I wanted to get in that car.

I remember...fondly.


  1. I remember many times at the Melba. I lived across the street in Hillside Homes during the 1960's and 1970's. Do you remember the amusement park the Post Arrow ?

  2. I remember it. Carousel was my favorite. Boston Post Road wasn't but a walk from where I lived. My first Tap dance school was there, Buster Brown, and the shop where I got my first Betsy Wetsy.

  3. There used to be a RC car race track across Boston rd from Jerrys pizza. You had to go waaaay down a flight of stairs to the underground track. I remember the good ole 5 & 10 on Boston rd next to the Rexall drug store where we used to go in and play with the tube tester machine. How about getting an eggcream up at Happys luncheonette.

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  5. I don’t have a profile or anything but I am born and raised in The Bronx and love love loveeeee this I’m so Bronx you did!!! I made one years ago! I just made 29 in June and remember most of what you posted, not all. I attended Skate Key numerous times when I was younger before it closed but then one in the South Bronx, for some odd reason I cannot remember be one on either Allerton or White Plains Rd where ever it used to be. But my friends remember it tho. They should have kept it as just skating instead of renting it out for parties. I do remember Bay plaza being a wooded and grassy area which is completely different today in 2018! Every time my Nana would drive by like Baychester header like behind Boston Secor she would always tell me stories, well actually the same story of how it used to be a swamp and turtles and ducks were swimming out there lol. I went to Truman High school but before I got there I went on trips to the planetarium with my school as I am from Boston Rd and P.S. 78 took us on trips there which I loved! It’s crazy because were Melba’s theater used to be it went from being a huge church to fine fare supermarket to now a, smh I forget. I pass this supermarket everyday and do not remember because it will always be fine fare to me. But it’s now another supermarket. What is crazy is that the pizza shop is still there today! I do not remember the 28 bus being a number 15, I probably wasn’t born then. But I took the 28 on Gun Hill Rd to Truman because it was faster than the 30 right on B- Road. Buster Browns is till on B-Road. If you had a package delivery and no one was home to sign for it, your package was actually dropped off to Buster Browns and you could go and pick it up there. But this is such a cool thread. Will show my mom, dad and aunts!!!