Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do we not bleed? Yes we what?

Dear Media,

Look...I don't know who the hell I'm voting for in 2016.  But if that person happens to have a uterus, ovaries, breasts, an occasional hot flash and is a grandmother, please know I will vote for her because she is going to do something for me and my family and I think she's the best person to lead the country. Period. My issues are employment, health care, education, senior care, women living in poverty, and veteran's affairs. If she (or he, or it) address those issues, please know that I didn't vote for her because our reproductive systems match or because she and I both have three names, or because I know she kicked her husband's cheating ass back in the late 90's. I'm smart, I happen to be female, and I know how to pull the lever for the person who is in tune with my life. Though I know you won't, I'll ask anyway. Please stop these dumb stories about Hillary Clinton moving through an estrogen induced grandma haze to run her campaign. You don't lose brain cells just because you bleed (or used to bleed) each month. But apparently y'all think so.



Erica Woods Tucker
(Thinker, writer, student, Black woman, wife, mommy, daughter, volunteer, friend, Bronxite, Carolinian, and avid voter)

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