Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My mommy wars

wake up
sorta kiss my husband
brush my teeth
make breakfast for five
take a shower
make three lunches
put out two snacks
brush hair
braid hair
put vaseline on legs and elbows
say-get your socks, wash your face, wash your face, brush your teeth, go put that car back in your room, WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING UP THERE! IT IS TIME FOR SCHOOL.
Kisses goodbye at the back door
Watch Gayle for 10 minutes
drink cold coffee and cold turkey bacon (back on weight watchers, counting points)
brush teeth
stare in mirror (wonder if I did IT right this morning)
put on yoga pants and sandals (comfort, not diva this morning)
wait for ride to work (Plot out my novel while my cupcake is sitting next to me playing a video game-guilt mommy says..."should she be playing that at 9 in the morning?)
Desk games
work on manuscripts that aren't
still at work
have to figure out what my family is going to eat and still maintain my weight watchers points
check homework
help with homework
sing a song
think about lunch
RSVP for the kindergarten orientation
make the car payment
braid hair
fold laundry
be married
think about the work at "my desk"
find clothes for tomorrow
think about the kids' lunch
think about my lunch
kiss my husband
think about sex
fall asleep two minutes later
wake up

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